About Us




I have been working in the field of furniture for the past twelve years.  

Two years ago, my friend and now business partner visited me on my then new apartment. Few items in my apartment caught his attention as they were all made from single module of a wooden crate box. The idea was of great appeal to him that he decided to replicate it on a much larger scale in his coastal Almaza Bay home. From a few modules of wooden crate boxes, we managed to furnish a whole summer house with all its furniture needs. Not only did he furnish his summer home but also him and his whole family took part in the design process as it was just an exciting game to see how Alaa and his little monkeys Tina and Nimo can stack these wooden crate boxes in all different ways to have different furniture items in their house. From this simple coincidence and this exciting and playful experience Staxx was born. Staxx is a fresh modern concept yet strongly rooted in authentic values. Our core traits are simple:


Real. All our products are made of 100% solid natural wood. Our quality comes from the perfection of nature, we just put it together in our own unique style and artisanal mastery.


Authentic. We chose to use a very familiar and authentic design of wood crate boxes and give it a modern functionality; combining the spirit of the old with the new.


Innovative. Every aspect in your shopping experience with Staxx is rooted in innovation. From the way we carefully crafted each box, the calculated sizes of each module to fit all home furniture requirements, the unique interactive online shopping experience of our Staxx Application - through it all - innovation was at the heart of all of our decisions.


Playful. Staxx is not a static furniture product, it’s an ongoing experience. Your coffee table today can be your shoe rack tomorrow. The product is easily assembled and disassembled to allow you the unparalleled luxury of reusing your furniture in whatever way you see fit depending on your changing space and functionality requirements. When your needs evolve you don’t need to change your furniture piece with a new one like with all other brands, you just need to stack it differently. Staxx is playfulness and versatility at its best.


Staxx was born out of these core traits and we hope that when you buy our products, we can help bring more authenticity, innovation and playfulness to your warm homes and to constantly remain a part of your growing family.


Ramy Mittias